Letterpress in Montreal: Atelier Rosepink

Letterpress in Montreal: Atelier Rosepink

Husband and wife team, Sylvain Coté and Rose Adamson are Atelier Rosepink. They have been making beautiful handmade letterpress and linocut arts and goods since the nineties. (Check out the awesome handmade print drying wrack above with multi-coloured marbles.) They are regulars at the souk@sat, so drop by and get yourself some wall candy this year. I had the pleasure of sitting down for tea and cake with the lovely couple in their St. Henri studio.

When did you both start printing?

In 1990, when Sylvain was looking for an original way to render one of his drawings, he turned to a blank piece of linoleum. That first print can be found tattooed on his right bicep and thankfully can only seen at the beach because it’s not very good. Discounting potatoes, Rose’s first print featured a mushroom. It was a linocut produced in 1889 and it also wasn’t very good.

Why do you like it? Why letterpress? Why hand-carving?

We like printmaking for the organic qualities of wood and paper and also for the element of surprise; no matter how much you work on a piece you are never quite sure of the result until you see the proof. We take pride in creating contemporary design using ancient technology.

How do you share the process as a couple? Who comes up with the ideas, who draws, who carves, typesets, prints…is it just organic or is it fixed?

A bit like a hair salon. Rose does cutting and colouring and occasional floor sweeping. Sylvain is the senior stylist and master of close shaves.

What’s your favorite part of having a studio space?

Our favorite part of having a studio is that it’s a space uniquely dedicated to the creative process without the intrusion of missing socks and other domestic distractions.

What is your next big project?

We are presently working on new body of work comprised mostly of abstract type-driven pieces. Our website will be having a facelift soon so watch this space for upcoming shows and new work :::   rosepink.ca